Property Tax Notices are mailed out each year by the end of May and are due July 2nd.  If July 2nd falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the due day will fall on the following business day without penalty.  Property taxes are determined by dividing the current assessed value of land and improvements as determined by BC Assessment by 1,000 and multiplying by the rate by class type.

Home Owner Grant

Home Owner Grant applications must be submitted each year.  To apply for the home owner grant and the additional seniors home owner grant ( 65 years and older) you must complete the bottom portion of your Property Tax Notice and submit it to the Village office by the deadline or it is considered outstanding taxes and subject to penalty as such.  Please submit your application regardless of whether you are able to pay your taxes in order to reduce the 10% penalty assessed on the balance of taxes owing after the deadline.

Claim Home Owner Grant Online
This grant is available to qualified residents who pay taxes to the Village.

Property Tax Search Online
You can search legal description of any property or view average monthly utility charge, property tax information, and assessments.

Retroactive Home Owner Grant

If you forgot to apply for your Home Owner Grant last year, you might be eligible to receive a Retroactive Home Owner Grant. The grant may be approved for the previous year only.  Your application must be received by December 31st of the current year to claim last year’s homeowner grant.

Complete the Retroactive Home Owner Grant Application Form and submit it to us at the village office.

See the complete Retroactive Home Owner Grant eligibility criteria to see if you qualify for this grant.