Internet Speed Study


Test here: SPEEDTEST

Your Indigenous or local government is a participant in the NDIT/UBCM/BC Internet Speed Study. We hope that your residents, businesses, and organizations have begun testing their internet speeds with the CIRA Internet Performance Test: This will provide the study with valuable data about the internet speeds actually experienced in the community.  The data will be most useful to the project if tests are completed by August 15, 2021.

  1. Data Analysis & Strength of Data 

We have done a preliminary analysis of the CIRA tests performed in your Indigenous or local government between January 1, 2020 and June 27, 2021. For your reference, below is a summary of this data analysis, listed by locale within your government.  

The column headings shown below are:

Unique IPs:  This represents the number of unique locations that have conducted the CIRA speed test in the locale in the timeframe.

Test:  This represents the number of tests taken in total during the time frame.

Current % Unique IP Relative to PHH Dwellings (Target Threshold – 20%):  This is the key metric.  It shows you unique locations divided by the total households in the locale that have taken the test in the time frame as a percentage.  The target is 20% or higher. The higher that percentage, the better and more robust the data set.  The best data comes from the broadest cross-section of locations in the locale but multiple tests from the same location are also helpful as it generates an average speed.

  1. Known Challenges with CIRA Internet Performance Test

Feedback from local and Indigenous governments has highlighted two items that might cause challenges when completing the CIRA Internet Performance Test.

Postal code: CIRA will not accept postal codes that contain the letter “O”. Where a postal code includes the number zero, it must be input as the numeric character “0”, not the alphabet character “O”.

Location pin: based on the postal code, the form will auto-locate a pin on the map, to indicate the general location from which the test is being done. Before starting the test, the user should check the location of the pin, and if necessary, drag the pin to mark the correct location of their residence or office on the map. Note that those using a cell phone to do the CIRA Internet Performance Test will not be able to drag the location pin.

  1. Promoting the CIRA Internet Performance Test

An article in the May 19 issue of the UBCM Compass newsletter provided suggestions for promoting the testing to your community:  

We appreciate any assistance you can provide in encouraging residents, businesses, and other organizations to complete the CIRA Internet Performance Test prior to August 15, 2021.