Neighbourhood Golf Carts Bylaw No. 838 – 2017 Adopted!

The Council has adopted Village of Chase Neighbourhood Golf Cart Bylaw No. 838-2017 on 9th day of May, 2017.  The bylaw, will require golf carts to meet certain operating and vehicle upgrades to be considered a “Neighbourhood Golf Cart”. 

Golf Cart Permit and Equipment Checklist

Will golf carts be limited to 30km/hr?
The Motor Vehicle Act restricts the speed of golf carts to 32 km/hr. All other motor vehicles will be required to reduce their speed to 30 km/hr ONLY WHEN ENCOUNTERING A GOLF CART.

What do I need to do to my golf cart?
The golf carts will have to be equipped with seat belts, a horn, lights, signals and a rear-view mirror. Drivers will need ICBC insurance validated by the municipality, hold a valid driver’s licence and only drive the cart during the day.  You will also require a Village Permit to operate.

Is a driver’s license required?
Yes. A driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart on the roadways.

Will one cart take up a whole parking spot or will there be designated parking?
One cart per parking spot.

Where do I go to register my golf cart?
ICBC. Just as you would your motor vehicle.  And the Village office for your municipal permit.

Are golf carts permitted on sidewalks?
No. Golf carts will not be permitted on the sidewalks.

Do I need a special permit?
Yes. Municipal permits can be obtained at the Village of Chase Municipal Office, 826 Okanagan Ave. Golf Cart Permit

For more information on this pilot project, contact the Village Office at 250.679.3238 or email