Sandbagging Stations Activated

The Village is offering sand and sandbags to residents of Chase!

The level of the Chase Creek may approach, meet, or exceed flood levels this year and some residents have raised concerns about flooding impacts on their property. We have conducted some inspections along the creek and feel there is no areas that present an immediate problem. Sand and sandbags are available at the following locations:

  • Public Works Yard gate at 1067 Paquette Rd.
  • Memorial Park at 245 Cummings St.
  • Mill Park Boat Launch at 625 Mill Rd.

Chase residents can help themselves to sand and sandbags should they need to control/prevent flooding of their private properties within Chase. Please bring your own shovel!

When water levels rise, please do not go near the creek or river edges for your own safety. In case of an emergency, please call the Public Works Maintenance at 250.318.2467

sandbagging general information