Sewer Main Flushing on September 25

The Village’s Public Works department is making arrangements for sewer main flushing to start on Monday, September 25, 2020.  Flushing will take place in areas of the Village on the East side of the railway (the highway side).

Sanitary Sewer Main flushing  removes grease and debris that builds up in the collection system and once done, allows the inspection of connections and mainlines to identify any concerns within the aging infrastructure.
Be aware, you may experience bubbling or loud sounds coming for your drains and toilets when our crews are flushing the mains in your area. This is normal!
If you have problems please call and report the issue to the Village office at 250-679-3238.
And a friendly reminder – please do not dispose of grease, oils, feminine products, plastics, rubber or any other solid objects down the drain! Thank you for your cooperation!