Urgent call-to-action for aquarium owners in BC re: invasive species

Zebra mussels, and its ‘cousin’ the Quagga mussel, pose a major threat if they are released or escape into a lake or river. The mussels will wreak havoc on aquatic ecosystems, drinking water quality, salmon populations and fish habitat, hydro-power facilities, underwater infrastructure such as pipes, intakes, etc. They multiply rapidly and are nearly impossible to eradicate. It’s estimated that it would cost $43M annually to tax-payers and property owners to deal with the effects of Zebra mussels in BC. The mussels aren’t currently known to be in the environment in BC, and this discovery of Zebra mussels in aquarium plants is a brand new discovery. There is a significant concern that improperly managed aquarium contents could result in the mussels escaping to a creek, river, pond or lake.

See news release: Inspect aquariums to help prevent spread of invasive mussels | BC Gov News