The role of Bylaw Services is to try to resolve complaints by obtaining voluntary compliance.  We do not respond to anonymous complaints.  Complainants must be willing to provide their name, address and telephone number, as well as the nature of the complaint (including the date and time of the incident being reported).  We do not provide the complainant’s identity; this is kept confidential unless the matter is referred to court.  In that case the complainant must be willing to testify and/or provide required affidavits.

The Village tries its best to address all complaints in a timely manner but are very limited in our resources.  We rely on citizens to be good neighbours and to comply with bylaws designed to make Chase a wonderful place to live!

To lodge a complaint you may do so in writing at PO Box 440; Chase, BC; V0E 1M0; by email at

Please visit the Bylaw page to find relevant information on existing bylaws

Managers responsible for all Bylaw Enforcement: