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“Weytk,” means  Welcome in Secwepemc which is the language of the three local Secwepemc Nation Bands – Neskonlith, Adams Lake and Little Shuswap.

The Secwepemc people have lived in South-Central B.C. for thousands of years. Their traditional territory covered approximately 180,000 square kilometers. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Secwepemc lived as a self-governing nation, grouped into bands (smaller communities who shared a landbase and resource gathering). Bands were united by their common language, Secwepmectsin, and their shared values based on resource gathering and the maintenance of communal ties.

Historically there were as many as 35 Secwepemc Communities, but today there are 17 communities or Bands recognized within the Secwepemc Territory. The local Bands are members of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council, which consists of 10 Secwepemc Bands. To find out more about the Secwepemc Nation, visit the SpiritMap, a website focused on the Language, history and culture of the Secwepemc People.

The Village of Chase has recently entered into Protocol Agreements with both Cstelnéc (Adams Lake Indian Band) and Neskonlith Indian Band to establish and maintain a long-term cooperative government-to-government relationships.

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