Population Characteristics

The 2011 census lists the population of Chase at 2,495. The 65-plus age group represents the largest percentage of the population at 25.2%. The population of Chase represents 2.1% of the regional population of 118,801. The average family size is 2.8. The average annual income for males is 2.4% higher than the regional average of $31,469. The income group $10,000-$19,999 represents the largest portion of residents at 25.9%.  The largest source of income for residents is employment at 51.9%. Pension represents 22.9% of the total. Since 1991, Chase has seen a 4.7% drop in male unemployment and an overall community drop of 2.5%. Retail Trade and Transportation & Communications are the two largest employing industries. Combined they employ approximately 32.6% of the work force. In 1996, 25% of males and 15% of females were self-employed.

Education Characteristics

School District #73 currently enrolls approximately 17,470 students while the schools in Chase currently have a student body of 831. Forty Five percent of residents have some form of post-secondary education.

Construction & Housing Characteristics

The average cost of rent in Chase is 18.1% less than the provincial average of $704. The average value of a home is 46.8% less than the provincial average of $239,745. As a percentage of the total housing stock, single and semi-detached homes represent 69.8% and mobile homes are second at 14.8%. According to 1996 census data, 78.9% of dwellings are owned and 21.1% are rented. Over the past five years, there has been an average of 43 permits issued at an average yearly value of $2,611,805. (Source: TNRD).