Dog Licences
Ensure your furson is Licenced!

The Village of Chase requires  that all dogs over the age of 4 months must have a dog licence. Residents new to the area or acquiring a dog after this date must also obtain a license within 30 days. Dog licences are valid from January 1 to December 31st in the year they are acquired.  Not only are licences the easiest way for staff to identify the owner of a dog found at large but failure to obtain a licence could subject you to a fine.  There is a limit of  3 dogs permitted per household. There are no regulations for cats or other domestic or wild animals.


To be paid on or before March 1st:

  • Unspayed female or unneutered male dog $50.00
  • Spayed female or neutered male dog $17.00
  • Medical service or police dog NIL
  • Replacement tags $10.00
  • Transfer of licence $ 5.00

Application here: Pet License Application

As responsible, community minded pet owners, please be aware that all dogs must be kept on a leash when out on those enjoyable walks. There are several doggy bag dispensers stocked and maintained throughout the Village so please be sure to “scoop the poop”!