EARTH DAY in Chase, BC – Friday, April 21, 2023 (10 am to 2 pm) Organized by the Chase Environmental Action Society

A multi-organization, multi-activity day will be held in Chase on Earth Day, April 21, 2023!

Elaine Sedgman, author and Master Gardener will be in Chase to promote pollinators. Elaine will read her books, “A Bee named Bob” and “Andrena a Mining Bee” to several classes from Haldane Elementary School. 

Master Gardeners Megan Blackmore and Sherry Bennett will also be sharing their knowledge of pollinators by providing books, displays and demontrations.  We have invited Secwepemc Matriarch, Miranda Dick with Secwepemc Water Protection to speak on the protection of land and water. 

Chase Environmental Action Society will be sharing information and will be handing out free seeds, maple trees, pesticide free signs and dandelion cookies and there will be a draw for gift basket. 

Chase and Area Literacy Program will be supporting the event by purchasing books from Elaine to give to the students and/or their teachers. 

Chase and Area Young Learners Society will have crafts for kids along with possible walks to the new pollinator gardeners located around town, as well as the location of the new food forest in Willson Park. 

We plan to engage the downtown businesses by encouraging them to decorate their store windows and promote environmentally friendly shopping practices. 

Local artist Gushat Howard and students from Chase Secondary School will be providing free face painting for the younger participants, and we hope to have the CSS choir and band come and perform as well. 

The day will have a little bit of something for everyone in town while promoting environmental stewardship.

Climate Action

As the concentration of greenhouse gas emissions grows, communities face hotter, drier summers with a greater risk of large-scale wildfires, flooding, and extreme weather events. Municipalities represent a significant source of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions and have jurisdiction over many climate-related sectors, including land use, transportation, buildings, and waste management. Recognizing its leadership role in the community, the Village of Chase has taken numerous steps to reduce operational emissions while making it easier for residents and businesses to limit their climate change impacts.

Below is a list of actions that the Village of Chase has taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Community Development & Planning

  • Adopted the Active Transportation Plan, which prioritizes walking and cycling options and commits the Village to the improvement of walking and cycling connections.
  • Design in progress for walking paths to access Scatchard Trails from Coburn Street.
  • Revised the Official Community Plan (OCP) in 2021, which
    • Sets a long-term goal of reducing per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the Village by 33% below 2007 levels by 2050.
    • Commits the Village to developing an anti-idling program in the community.
    • Requires trails, pathways and/or sidewalks to be incorporated within the design of new subdivisions.
    • Encourages energy efficiency in the community and the review of Village-owned facilities for efficiency options.
    • Commits the Village to making it easier to walk and cycle to, and within the downtown core.
  • Designating a pathway area along Chase Creek from Centennial Park to Mill Park, which will be built by developers according to their subdivision plans.
  • Continuing to promote the use of golf carts under the Neighbourhood Golf Cart Bylaw.

Public Works & Infrastructure

  • Joined Recycle BC on September 1, 2021 as a registered collection partner:
    • Approximately 100,000 kg of recyclable materials projected to be diverted from landfills in 2022.
    • Secured long-term, stable market for recyclable materials.
  • Replacement of propane Zamboni with electric Zamboni in 2021.
  • Upgraded street light bulbs from sodium vapour to LED (longer lasting and more efficient).
  • Collaborating with BC Hydro on the installation of an additional electric vehicle charging station near the Visitor Info Centre.
  • Hosted a public works event in May 2021 to promote the Village’s water treatment facility.
  • Electric golf cart used by Public Works.
  • Improved fuel efficiency with the purchase of two vehicles.

Parks & Recreation

  • Received $5,000 grant from BC Hydro to plant trees in parks and other publicly owned locations.
  • Allocated funding for the installation of bike racks at Centennial Park, Willson Park and the Village office.
  • Received funding for improved pedestrian walkways at intersection of Thompson Avenue and Chase Street and Willson Park.
  • Installation of LED lights in kitchen at Community Hall.

Administration & Finance

  • Working towards carbon neutral corporate operations as a signatory to the BC Climate Action Charter.
  • Encouraging customers to complete municipal payments online wherever possible to reduce vehicle trips to Village office.