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Photo credit: Coral Steffen

Photo credit: Coral Steffen

All businesses located in, or providing services within Village boundaries must hold a valid business licence.  For a new business download the Village’s Business Licence application, or you can request a copy of either via email or visit the office at 826 Okanagan Avenue.

Business Licence fees can be found here: Fees and Charges Bylaw

Do you hold a Chase Business License but your business is mobile and you work in other parts of the TNRD? Then you qualify for an Inter-Community Business License.

Business licences are valid from January 1 to December 31 of the year in which they are purchased. Be aware you may be required to obtain permits or licences from the Province (i.e if you are opening a food service you will be required to have a health permit and if you require a liquor licence you will need a permit from the Liquor Control Branch).

If you are opening any business in a commercial site within the Village of Chase you will be required to have an annual Fire inspection by the Chase Fire Dept.

Renew your business licence by March 31st to take advantage of a discount in your premium!

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