Village of Chase Utilities consist of three components: Water, Sewer & Solid Waste.  These are billed quarterly, within one to two weeks after the water meters are read.

The 4 billing periods are as follows:
1st Quarter:      1 January to 31 March
2nd Quarter:   1 April to 30 June
3rd Quarter:     1 July to 30 September
4th Quarter:     1 October to 31 December

EMAIL BILLING – You can now sign up to receive your bills via email instead of regular mail.  Simply complete this form and email it to, fax it to 250.679.3238 or drop it at the Village office.

You can register to pay your utility bills online.  When you add the payee it will either be “Village of Chase” or “Chase, Village of”.  You must enter your account number which starts with “000” and can be found on the left hand top area of the bill just under the Village address.

Payments are applied to the oldest balance first, then to current charges.  Any water, sewer and garbage charges left unpaid on the second business day after January 1 in each year shall be transferred to property taxes and shall bear interest beginning the second business day after January 1 until paid in full at the rate established by the Provincial Government for arrears and delinquent taxes.

You can find the Schedule of Flat Rates & Consumption Rates for Water Sewer and Solid Waste in the attached 820-2016 Fees and Charges Bylaw .   

Read the CFO presentation from the November 25, 2019 Special meeting: Water Sewer Presentation and Other Community Comparisons.